Sebastian "Bash" Hirtenstein is a force to be reckoned with... Cross-trained extensively between the street dance disciplines and contemporary techniques, for the past five years he has been seeking to grow and expand not only as a dancer and choreographer, but as a well-rounded artist within the industry of Toronto and abroad. He has worked with choreographers of many diverse backgrounds including Denone Isaacs (Motivating Excellence Season Two) Rodney Diverlus (The Spectrum Project) Emilio Colalillo (EmiMotion) Lenny Len (Flavah Shop) Michael Caldwell, and many more. He has performed with such names as Ariana Grande, Simone Denny, Ferahri, Nikole Gabriel, Prince Young, and Wildheart. His hunger to learn from the best motivates him not only to train with local dancers, but to travel abroad to Broadway Dance Center (New York) Urban Element (Montreal) and Seoul Tanz Station (Seoul). Although he finds comfort within the movements of contemporary and hip hop, he is constantly pushing to add other styles to his repertoire such as bharatanatyam, bollywood, and African. In his pursuit of creating innovative and original work, he is currently training in the professional program at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, studying a wide variety of contemporary and modern techniques.