Jocelyne is an urban professional dancer in the city of Toronto specialized in multiple styles including, Hip Hop, House Dance, Vogue Femme, Popping, Locking, and many more. She continues to work with professional choreographers such as Shavar Blackwood, Gadfly, Matthew Cuff, and multiple Toronto choreographers. Jocelyne is currently is furthering her training with Vogue Femme with the Toronto House of Siriano. 

Jocelyne first began her venture into dance competing in local competitions with Toronto team “YYZ” as a performer and choreographer bringing many victories to the troupe. She has received elite training with Toronto street dance pioneers, Mariano “Glizzi” Abarca and Andrew “Pyro” Chung in the group “Footnotes”. 

Jocelyne continues to discipline herself in multiple styles while educating younger dancers with her knowledge and experience. When Jocelyne is not in the dance studio, she can be found in her other passion, doing makeup on clients in her at home studio.