Devin’s passion for dancing starting when he was 8 years old.  He was trained at Dimensions in Dance in Kitchener, attended Eastwood Collegiate Institute’s Integrated Arts Program. From there he has traveled all over the Caribbean performing for Disney Cruise lines as the Dancer/Tumbler/Dance Captain.  When home from his contracts you could find him continually training, teaching at In.Motion, and learning all sorts of new tricks to add to his performing tool belt from Arial Circus Arts to partnering.  These skills has made him into a very versatile performer which landed him the Dancer/Tumbler for 2011 Drayton Entertainment’s Dance Legends; which had a whole number of styles to perform ranging from Jazz and Tap to Swing.

Most recently Devin has become a Registered Massage Therapist. Using the new knowledge from school he has incorporated a new and deeper understanding for stretch and strengthening when teaching his students. With a keen eye for detail and passion Devine can’t wait to impart his new knowledge to the next generation to help mold them into safer and stronger performers.